You made it! Welcome to the SongLayers BETA!
We are officially live on the beta version of the site. If you find any problems or have ideas, please let us know.

How Does This Work?
Click "Create a New Track" to record your own track, or click an existing song to add a Layer or Section to it.

A new song starts as a Section. Once you have a Section, you can add Layers which automatically mix into the Section above it.
You can add more Sections to extend/make a song longer. Add your own Layers and Sections to build a full song!

BETA Update News
Feb 11, 2024:
  • Simplify "Add Track" area, add tabs at the top for less busyness
Feb 3, 2024:
  • Edit Track now has tabs at the top to edit Track Details or Audio.
  • Added "Trim Audio" in Audio tab when editing a track.
  • Misc Live Room bug fixes
Jan 16, 2024:
  • Added Tutorial for Adding/Editing Tracks.
  • Add Track: Fixed Section track not playing when metronome disabled.
  • Add Track: Improve timing of start recording,playing background track,and metronome.
  • Add Layer/Section: now automatically uses the BPM of the Section or Parent you're adding to.
  • Misc Live Room fixes.